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We agree with the Sand Man!!  Thumbs up to these exceptionally quality yet low cost GOLF TOWELS.

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Green Golf Towel 16x24
Golf Towel
SCOPE Price: $15.80

16x26 Durable Golf Towels

SCOPE Linens prides itself on carrying the finest, most luxurious towels for every occasion (like bathing and showering, maybe?), but why stop there? Even our golf towels are a cut above what's out there and we go one step further by allowing you to get creative and custom-design your stuff the way you'd like. That's different but, then again, so are we!

Who says a golf towel has to be a thin, tiny piece of cloth that gets no respect? Ours are big (16"x26"), and they're also thick and thirsty. Hey, your clubs and balls could use a little pampering too! Soft, durable cotton stands up to abuse and comes at surprisingly low prices.

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Golf Towel 16x27
Golf Towel Plus
SCOPE Price: $17.80

16x27 Plush Golf Towels

An extra 3" might not seem like much in some areas, but in others it can make a big difference. Take our green golf towels (now what were you thinking?). Not only are these 16" X 27" towels a bit longer than the standard 16" X 26" models but also plusher and heavier too.

Why should plusher and heavier matter so much in a golf towel? Truthfully, your clubs and balls probably couldn't care less which of our top-quality towels you're using to wipe them down. For some people, only the best of the best will do. Add your own custom graphic or logo and that's just what you'll have – the best.

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Golf Towels

Any golfer knows that a clean golf club is a good golf club. Having towels on-hand is essential when operating a golf course. Scope Linens offers a high quality, low cost golf towel that is perfect for your day on the golf course. All of our golf towels are crafted with the softest, most durable cotton. Get your personalized golf towels with the custom club logo. All golf towels are priced by the dozen. There are also discounts for buying in bulk. There’s no need to worry about shipping, it’s free!

All our golf towels are made to withstand the wear and tear of a golf course and still maintain their quality feel your guests expect. We also offer a variety of different linens as well. Take a look at our line of golf, club and executive towels. All towels are made with the user in mind. That means that we only offer the highest quality and lowest price.