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Company History
The history of SCOPE and how we came into existence

So, you want some history?

S C O P E ' s evolution is quite simple.

1. Life sustaining need (put food on the table).
2. Began selling graphic design and artwork in exchange for US dollar bills.
3. Started placing those designs on different mediums (banners, shirts, towels).
4. Found various methods to decorate said mediums (Batik, silkscreen, embroidery).
5. Built up a following (our lovely clientele).
6. Utilize an instrument known as "the internets" to expand our following.
7. Hit our stride working directly with the health club and country club industry.
8. Our clients didn't always need printed items, but did always need the blanks (towels).
9. Here we are. Delivering printed OR blank media and textiles across the nation.

S C O P E was born out of necessity. Facing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, having been "let go..." of two jobs back-to-back, and repeatedly losing the Super Lotto, we had to act quickly if we were going to sustain the lavish lifestyle we never lived. What you find on this website, and the links herein, is the result of our action. The vegetables of our labor. Repeated requests for graphic design and artwork permitted the bills to be paid while simultaneously building a client base. The process of artwork design naturally progressed into placing that art on promotional items like, banners, building signs, posters, decals, pens, mugs, hats, lanyards, key chains, stress balls, and any other medium fit to announce a client's message. Casual and active apparel is transformed into walking commercials once the client's message is placed on t shirts, pants, sweaters, and anything else that clothes the human body (or animal body).

Our Company's Mission Statement.

Make you smile and enjoy yourself first.

Still want more?

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Alhambra, CA. 91801
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