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All towel Prices are PER DOZEN. The prices INCLUDE shipping in the continental U.S. with NO minimums.
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12x12 Washcloth
Gym Line Wash Cloth
SCOPE Price: $3.25

The 12x12 Cotton Washcloths

Inexpensive washcloths don't necessarily have to mean cheap quality. Evidence of this is our Gym & Fitness Center 12x12-inch 0.5# all cotton washcloths priced at 27 cents apiece. Nothing too earth-shaking about these little numbers, just low-cost, square-foot face towels that are soft, absorbent for quick drying and durable to stand up to abuse and many wash cycles.

Not every club sees fit to offer washcloths as part of their accoutrement, but these are a nice touch and perfectly match the hand and bath towels that make up our complete Gym and Club lines. Shop here and be guaranteed you'll get the best for less. It's such a little thing but will help you stand out from the rest!

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15x25 Economical Hand Towel
Gym Line Hand Towel
SCOPE Price: $6.89

The 15x25 Gym Line Hand Towel

Imagine an all-cotton, 15x25-inch, white hand towel that's long-lastingly durable and only costs about 57 cents per unit. These 2.25# hand towels are great for gym use. They dry quickly, wash easily and hold up especially well to the abuse you know they're going to get from your fitness center clients.

Our Gym Line (good) towel category consists of everything from washcloths, golf and hand towels to large bath towels and bath mats. With hand towels available in 15x25-, 16x27- and 22x44-inch versions, this is one of our most popular, striking a perfect balance of quality and cost. Your clients will love the convenience of these mid-sized sweat-soakers when working out on the exercise floor.

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16x27 White Hand Towel
Gym Line Hand Towel
SCOPE Price: $7.89

16x27 3# Plush Hand Towel
100% Cotton Super Premium Ring Spun Double Cam White Hand Towels. Easily Washable, Lasts Longer, Dries Faster, Soft and Fluffy Feel.
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22x44 Hand and Bath Towel
22x44 Gym Line Hand/Bath Towel
SCOPE Price: $18.80

22x44 6# Gym Line Hand and/or Bath Towel
Compromise. Everyone appreciates compromise. This towel is the perfect pick for use as a hand towel and bath towel. It's big enough to put on top of your workout equipment, yet not too clunky if utilized as a hand towel. Extremely pleasurable for both members and operators.
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Bath Mat
Bath Mat
SCOPE Price: $21.95

22x34 9.5# Bath Mat
The finest bath mat for your finest member or guest. Soft to touch, easy to wash, quick to dry, and an excellent towel for the money.

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24x48 Bath Towel
Gym Line Bath Towel
SCOPE Price: $22.80

24x48 8# Plush Bath Towel
This is the member pleaser. This is the owner savior. A soft, plush, and non-abrasive towel that members will find pleasurable. Furthermore, it's inexpensive enough for operators to appreciate. This is THE FAVORITE choice of towels for numerous spas, fitness centers, and upscale fitness centers.

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24x50 White Bath Towel
24 x 50 Gym Line Bath Towel
SCOPE Price: $30.80

24x50 10.5# Plush Bath Towel
Bigger, softer, and just the right balance among size, price, and quality. This is a lot of quality in a towel priced for so little.

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27x54 White Bath Towel
Gym Line Bath Towel
SCOPE Price: $39.80

27x54 14# Plush Bath Towel
Bigger, softer, and just the right balance among size, price, and quality. This is a lot of quality in a towel priced for so little.

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Gym Line | Hand Towels, Golf Towels, Bath Towels & More!

At Scope Linens, it's our aim to hit every price point with the best quality product for the money to precisely fulfill the needs of our wide collection of clients, thus, our range of good, better and best.

This category of golf and gym towels includes examples from our economical "good" line, all easily washable, fast drying and long-lasting washcloths, towels and bath mats. Packaged in groups of one-dozen, prices include shipping within the continental U.S. with no minimum purchase required. All soft and fluffy, you can select from a variety of athletic towels, sports towels and workout towels in white or, for golfers, green. Bath towels are large, non-abrasive and luxurious, yet affordably priced –- favorites among upscale spas and fitness centers.